Psychic Medium

My goal as a Psychic Medium is to bring you peace and clarity, whether you are connecting with loved ones on the other side, or seeking guidance about a current life issue. more...
Animal Communicator

Animals communicate with pictures, thoughts and feelings. It's not magic, it's telepathy. Talking with annimals is simply using a different language... heart to heart. more...
Children's Author

Join in the fun of my first
children's book, "If I Could Fly".
A heartwarming story, lavish illustrations and a delightful
read-along CD. more...

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Muse, News and Views

Hey everyone! Iím taking a break.
I love my Psychic Mediumship work and the wonderful clients I work with. I also love Animal Communication and my newest interest, Biofield Tuning. So much to do and learn! Itís been crazy busy. Iíve decided to take a break from scheduling more psychic medium work to concentrate on Animal Communication, and the certification program I am in now to become a Biofield Tuning practitioner. I believe Biofield Tuning is such an amazing healing modality, for people and animals. And with the rollout of 5G, it may be needed now more than ever.

Gift Giving made EASY!
Don't know what to get your loved one for holidays or birthdays? Connect them to those they love. Or, let them peek into their future! Gift Certificates are available in any denomination...sent to you by email or regular mail.