Kids Love It!

Jasmine (age 2) loves the book.
She "reads" it AT LEAST
twice a day... She's always
finding a new surprise in the
beautifully detailed illustrations.

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Welcome to the website of children’s author, Jacqui LeBeau. Here you’ll find information about Jacqui, her new book (If I Could Fly), and her author visits. Look for lots of fun stuff for kids too. Free coloring pages are coming soon!

Books, Books, Books...
My house is filled with books! They’re everywhere. In bookcases, nightstands, tables, drawers, and piles on my desk and even on the floor. I’m one of those people who reads multiple books at the same time.

Ever since I was a kid I read anything I could get my hands on. I didn’t really have a favorite genre. I read everything...fiction or nonfiction; mystery, biography, fantasy, historical, metaphysical, spiritual, inspirational...everything.


Available in a Hardcover
Edition with Read-Along CD,
Softcover Edition, Coloring Book and Read-Along CD

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Children’s Books are
special to me

I have my own collection of children’s books. I love them for their stories, positive messages and beautiful artwork. I think of them as “eye candy”--little treats for the eyes and spirit. I have always been drawn to the pretty colors found in children’s literature. And, often the artwork is simply phenominal. They make the perfect coffee table book in my opinion.

Thanks to a talented team of professionals

My twenty-some years in the marketing field helped me assemble a talented team to produce these books and read-along CD. We were committed to independent publishing, and our collaberation made it possible. It was a group effort from start to finish.

Author, illustrator, composer, musicians, singer, sound engineer, graphic designer, printer, publicist...all working together to produce a labor of love for children of all ages. Enjoy!


Shop here for the Hard-cover Book with Read-Along CD, Soft-cover edition, CD and Coloring Book.


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