About Consultations
Thank you for considering me for a communication consultation with your animal companion. If you are returning for another consultation, then you already know the incredible and accurate information and insights that can be gained from just one consultation. If this is your first time, I am confident that you will be just as amazed as the people who have already experienced the benefits of Animal Communication.

Consultation - $90       (order Consult)

I do most of my animal communication sessions over the phone. Telepathy works on an energetic or soul level, so it is not necessary to be physically together. Included in each consultation is a preliminary session with your animal, and an appointment with you to go over the information received. The appointment for you is a scheduled phone call which lasts about 40 minutes. After checkout, you'll receive a Client Intake Form that will allow you to send your contact information as well as pictures and information about your animal(s). After receiving the form, I'll contact you directly to schedule our phone session.

Consultations are completed in 3 (three) phases:

  • Phase 1: Through the Client Intake Form, information is gathered about the animal, the perceived problem, and the questions you want asked. After receiving and reviewing the Client Intake form, I will contact you to clarify any questions I may have and to schedule our phone reporting session.

  • Phase 2: During the second phase, I will telepathically communicate with your animal(s) and record the responses to your questions. This phase is conducted off the telephone. Additionally, I re-contact your animal(s), after a day, to make sure I've covered all your questions, and see if there is anything else your animal wishes to tell you. I like to give them an opportunity to cover topics that are important to them, as well.

  • Phase 3: I'll contact you by phone, at an agreed upon time, to share the telepathic conversation with your animal and to discuss an action plan to address issues or concerns. This scheduled phone call lasts about 40 minutes. Included in your consultation is a recording CD) of this Phase 3 reporting session.

Follow Up - $50       (order Follow-Ups)

Sometimes the first session will bring up more questions and a follow-up session can be scheduled within two weeks. PLEASE NOTE: Any session initiated outside of this time period will be considered a new full consultation and the standard session fee will apply.

Multiple Animals      (order additonal animals)

Please add $50 per additional animal for the initial session and $20 per additional animal for a follow-up. Twenty minutes will be added to the phone reporting session for each additional animal. If you would like readings for more than five animals, please contact me for a group rate.

Practice Standards
I respect the confidentiality of the animal and client at all times. Other than for educational purposes, information and photos will not be used outside the consultation without the client's permission or a testimonial agreement.

Jacqui will make clear to the client the distinction between what is coming from the animal and what is coming from her intuition, Spirit guides and animal experience.

By purchasing a consultation with Jacqui LeBeau, you are agreeing to our Release of Liability as stated in the Consultation Terms.

All information shared in a consultation is meant to facilitate the well-being of an animal. At no time is the information provided meant to replace traditional medical care, veterinary treatment, or a medical diagnosis for illness or injury. Jacqui LeBeau does not diagnose medical conditions or offer medical advice. Please consult a licensed veterinary practictioner or appropriate professional for the service you are seeking.

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Please refer to Consultation Terms for more information