12 Tips for a Great Reading


Follow your intuition when selecting a Medium/Psychic. You will be naturally drawn to the one who has the right energy for you.


Sit quietly and breathe deeply, visualizing those that have passed over that you would like to connect with. Ask for them to come forward during your reading.


You may wish to hold onto a personal item of theirs, or look at their photograph.


For the most successful session, it is best to be prepared to talk about several different subjects.


Have a list of questions prepared.


Have an open mind and heart for the connection to happen.


Be relaxed and in a quiet, undisturbed location during the reading.


Spirit manifests and provides evidence in many ways; physical features, personality, family member, names, memories, favorite hobbies etc.


All kinds of evidence comes out, whether it is a major event or something quite trivial. Remember, it's the little things that make up our lives.


Please validate messages and evidence when you can. It keeps the energy moving.


Understand that there are pieces of evidence that may come through the session that cannot be validated at that moment. You may have to ask family and friends if it makes sense to them.


Enjoy the reading! Every Psychic Medium is unique in their abilities, therefore every reading you have will be different. You will be given ample opportunity to ask questions at the end.