Heart to Heart 10-24-17
Guest: Cecelia Jackson - All Things Mediumship

Heart to Heart 10-10-17
Guest: JoJo Grigsby - Healing Touch for Animals

Heart to Heart 9-12-17
Guest: Anne Donnell - From Reiki to Mediumship

Heart to Heart 7-18-17
Guest: Jim Flynn - Why We Fear Death and Don't Need To

Heart to Heart 6-27-17
Guest: Kim Moore - Signs from Heaven

Heart to Heart 11-22-16
Guest: Jim Flynn, Psychic Medium
Topic: Jim Flynn, a VERY talented Medium, and one of my favorite friends is on the radio with me! We’re talking about being Thankful for what we have now and how that calls more of what we want into our lives. I have loads of Gratitude tips to help you along this road. And Jim and l check in with loved ones who have passed… who are always with us for the Holidays, especially Thanksgiving!

Heart to Heart 12-09-14
Guest: Leada Dietz and Francie Delaney
Topic: ork County Time Bank, Transition York PA. "Give an hour. Get an hour". That's the key benefit of the York County Time Bank. Neighbors helping neighbors and using our own skills for currency. Transition York PA finds the gaps in community service and works to fill them.

Heart to Heart 12-02-14
Guest: Debbie Jones, Beyond the Bag Pet Nutrition and Wellness!
Topic: Debbie is a treasure of valuable animal information! Things to watch out for over the Holidays with our Pets! Foods and plants that are dangerous.(Easy Sweet Potato Chip cookies!) Good and not-so-good toys. Helping pets deal with lots of guests and general house rules that are good to review.

Medium Monday 12-01-14
Jacqui helps SOX listeners connect with passed dogs (including an adorable yorkie), a lucky rescue dog in the present, and gives some positive feedback on a new love!

Heart to Heart 11-25-14
Guest: Kim Moore, Psychic Medium
Topic: Gratitude. Talking about what's going right, and what we're thanking for changes the energy!! Kim challenged us to start conversations with all the things that are going well. And, spend a solid minute talking about what we're grateful for. The whole flavor of your interactions with others will change. And there will be BIG smiles all around!

Heart to Heart 11-18-14
Guest: Yolanda Steinhauer, Pet Photograhpher of Yolanda's Worx of Art
Topic: Pet Photography! An animal lover, artist and photographer, Yolanda specializes in animal photography. She knows how to get fabulous photos of your family animals in the place they are most comfortable....your home!

Heart to Heart 11-11-14
Guest: Jim Flynn, Intuitive Medium
Topic: Spirit during the Holidays. Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday of many loved ones in the spirit world because it's so filled with family gathering and gratitude. We shared stories of visits by spirit at this time of year from the Grandma who shared her secret ingredient in the Thanksgiving gravy (you'll never guess!) to the messages about Christmas traditions and favorite heirloom ornaments (who would guess you had a giraffe on the tree!)

Heart to Heart 11-04-14
Guest: Cindy Schrading, Clinical Nutritionist and owner of "Because It's Good For You", a nutritional consulting service
Topic: The amazing, healing powers of food and the connection between food, fitness and overall good health. We touched on gluten and the problems associated with it. Is gluten-free the right route for everyone? Is there any one right diet for everyone? No! We are all individuals. Look for her yummy energy bars. I am a HUGE fan of her Coconutty Almond Bar. And, tune in when Cindy returns. I want to get her delicious, Black Bean Chocolate Cake recipe! I know! Black Beans?! She swears it's one of the best chocolate cakes you'll ever try.

Medium Monday 11_03-14
Many loved ones on the other side send warm messages via Jacqui to SOX listeners.

Heart to Heart 10-21-14
Guest: Lisa Larson, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master
Topic: Grieving over a pet's passing. Pet grief from the human, as well as the animal family perspective. Do the other animals in the family grieve a lost pal? The 12 things you can do when you have lost your best friend. And, keeping your animals safe at Halloween. Please keep them inside!

Heart to Heart 10-14-14
Guest: Lil Morgan, Acupuncturist
Topic: The history and benefits of acupuncture. How does it work in conjunction with traditional medicine? What conditions respond well to this treatment? How should you expect to feel after a treatment. And, of course, does it hurt?! (No!)

Heart to Heart 10-07-14
Guest: Kay Fahlstrom, Medium and Certified Spiritual Advisor
Topic: Who and what are Spirit Guids? How to work with your own Spirit Guides. We also discussed Kay's new book, "Reborn a Medium". Listen in for some real how-to info and fun stories about Spirit Guides.

Medium Monday 10-06-14
Jacqui touches base with animals and family members that have passed.

Heart to Heart 09-30-14
Guest: haron Muzio, Owner and Operator of Alta view Wellness Center
Topic: Spirit of Oneness Holistic Expo in Festival in Harrisburg, PA.

Heart to Heart 09-16-14
Guest: Sandra Deseron of Esoteric Kids
Topic: Honoring the Spirit in Children. As a cancer survivor who chose unconditional treatment, Sandra talked about the role of free will in the healing process. Making your decisions from a place of love, not fear. In working with children, remember the wisdon and wonder we access when we take the time to get their perspective.

Heart to Heart 09-09-14
Guest: Arianna Castro, Medium, Clairvoyant, Educator and Healer
Topic: Opening your intuition. Tips and ideas to help you tune into your own intuition for guidance. We keyed in on how Gratitude can be big! Get out that journal and list five things you are grateful for each day. Use meditation to raise your vibration. Program yourself with "I Am..." phrases that are positive and life affirming.

Medium Monday 09-08-14
So, you want to know what going on with your pet!?! WSOX 96.1 listeners find out by asking Jacqui.

Heart to Heart 08-26-14
Guest: Larry LeBeau
Topic: Intuition

Heart to Heart 08-19-14
Guest: Terry Klunk, Professional Dowser and Healer.
Topic: Dowsing! It's not just about finding water anymore. It is a valuable tool in everyday life. Use a pendulum, a tree branch or your own body. Nothing fancy required. A pendulum can be a simple paperclip tied to a thread. Dowsing can assist you in all areas of your life from picking a ripe watermelon, to finding lost keys, determining food allergies and setting your next vacation destination! You are only limited by your imagination. (dowsinga2z.com).

Heart to Heart 08-12-14
Guest: Melody Bishop, of Runes by Melody.
Topic: "Face it, Bless it and Release it!"Now is the time to focus on things we have put aside. Intuitive Rune Reader, Melody gave us a sneak peek at what's coming this Fall: what to look forward to, and what to look out for! Communication is a big topic for Fall. Don't mince words. State things clearly and honestly. (runesbymelody.com)

Heart to Heart 08-05-14
Guest: Sera Weaver, CEO and Michael Weaver, COO of Indigo 68.
Topic: Indigo is a local group of highly motivated, talented, creative and passionate young visionaries dedicated to working and sharing within our community. 8-6-DAY is a FREE commuiity event promoting Wellness, Sustianability, Faith and Hope. This event will occur at Sonnewald Farm on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014. Sera and Michael talk with Jacqui about the 8-6-DAY event and the Indigo Organization.

Medium Monday 08-04-14
WSOX 96.1 Jacqui gets messages about health and financial matters, checks in with grandchildren and some animal friends.

Heart to Heart 07-29-14
Guest: Mary Ellen Derwis, Licensed Massotherapist, certified Hypnotherapist and Healing Tao Instructor.
Topic: As a healing arts practitioner with 20+ years of experience, Mary Ellen blends eastern and western healing techniques into a user friendly format. Mary Ellen's work is transformational. As simple as being balanced and present can change the reactions you elicit from other people and your animals. Breath work can positively affect your brain as well as tone your tummy. Who knew?! The 5 elements: Fire, Wood, Water, metal and Earth create a new understanding of solutions. It's similar to the old "rock, paper scissors" game, one affects the other

Heart to Heart 07-22-14
Guest: Jeff Barnes, Medium, Psychic and Healer.
Topic: Do you have parking angels too? Jeff and I do! It's just one of the MANY ways that angels help us. All we need to do is ask for help and the angels are with us. Jeff connects to angelic assistance and your healing guides and passed loved ones during his work. He is also a certified Reiki Master and uses his intuitive insights to help people with health issues. We also talked about fear as a major blocker for good energy and new pathways. (lightfromspirit.com)

Heart to Heart 07-15-14
Guest: Denise Kmetz, founder and owner of R and R Reiki Studio.
Topic: Start with a Smile! Simple steps to bring more positive energy into your life. (plus her "Happy Spray" recipe!) A certified Reiki Master as well as an Intuitive Reader, Denise has been doing energy work for more than 20 years. The gifts of sight and healing has been prevalent in her family for many generations. Using these natural gifts, combined with advanced study in spiritual and healing arts, Denise acts as a personal guide for her clients. There are so many ways to open! (randrreiki.com)

Heart to Heart 07-08-14
Guest: Debbie Jonesand Sheila Buchanan, Co-founders of Beyond the Bag Pet Nutrition and Wellness.
Topic: Knowledgeable, personable and chock full of good energy, Debbie and Sheila shared so much good information about pet nutrition, Pet Massage and Reiki for people and pets. Certified in Clinical Pet Nutrition, Canine Massage and as Family Herbalists, we discussed things to look for when choosing what to feed your animal family; pet food myths, like "never feed your pet people food"; benefits and easy instructions for pet massage to help pets recover from injury, surgery, illness or emotional abuse.

Medium Monday 07-07-14
WSOX 96.1 Jacqui gets messages from loved ones that have passed, and tunes in on the current status of family members as well.

Heart to Heart 07-01-14
Guest: Travis Sanders, Clairvoyant Medium, certified Reiki Teacher.
Topic: Travis is a young but accomplished Psychic Medium, who has appeared on national television regarding his work with Spirit. Travis has been featured on both A&E's Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, as well as Entertainment Tonight's, The Insider. We shared some methods to acknowledge the voice of our own spirit. Making space for spirit through clearing...closets, junk drawers, etc. And honoring the space within us through meditation.

Heart to Heart 06-24-14
Guest: Betsy Cohen,, Psychic Medium & Inspirational Speaker.
Topic: Tuning into your own intuition. One of the ways that Spirit speaks to us is through the Heart, the Mind and the Gut. Betsy shared with us some techniques she teaches in her psychic development classes. Starting with getting into your own driver's seat and keeping your spirit up by taking charge of what comes into your mind.

Heart to Heart 06-17-14
Guest: Dan Johnson, Psychic Medium and Certified Professional Tarot Reader.
Topic: Mediumship and the Tarot. Dan walked us through the rich history and many myths and misconceptions associated with Tarot cards. Dan's intuitive abilities and Tarot expertise have led to his numerous appearances on radio and television. In addition to his spiritual work, Dan is a consultant, trainerm, and coach who has worked with business leaders and teams throughout the world.

Heart to Heart 06-03-14
Guest: Iris of Readings by Iris, Psychic Intuitive . Expert on crystals and healing stones.
Topic: What does your birth stone mean? What are its strengths? Find out in this fun show about crystals, birth stones and healing crystals. Iris has been using her empathic and intuitive abilities along with Psychic Tarot/Oracle readingsto provide helpful insights to clients for over 20 years. Associated with The Crystal Wand Metaphysical Shop in Gettysburg, PA, Iris can also help you find the perfect crystal or healing stone.

Heart to Heart 05-27-14
Guest: Janet Hensenne-Rosiak: Janet is a gifted healer, spiritual medium, Certified ThetaHealingT Instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Matrix Energetics® and Angel Therapy Practitioner®.
Topic: All things magical and Fairie oriented! This was a very whimsical show as Janet shared her vast knowledge of the fairie world. One of their jobs is to help us remember how to live with joy! They bring joy, laughter and play back into our lives, healing the planet and the animals. We talked about their strong connection to flowers and animals. And, we learned how to build your own Fairy house.

Heart to Heart 05-13-14
Guest:  Denise Hart, Founder and owner of Pilates of York. B.S. Exercise Science/ Health & Phys. Ed. She also teaches at York College..
Topic: The different ways Pilates can help with chronic pain, healing from injuries, and just living a healthier life! We started with the basics that can benefit everyone: Posture and Stretching. An expert in injury rehabilitation, Denise learned the hard way after a car accident and developing chronic back pain from years of high impact aerobics. Her own experience of training with Pilates allowed her to become pain free. Improving the health of her clients and/or reducing their pain, has become her priority..

Heart to Heart 05-06-14
Guest: Marta Coursey, founder of My K9 Buddy. Dog Training. Creating bonds that last a lifetime.
Topic: Marta has a family oriented training center located in Westminster MD. Her goal is to transform your diamond in the rough into your best buddy. From Puppy manners to Canine Good Citizen training and beyond. Marta does classes and in-home private training. We talked about the importance of "training the Mommy", situational alpha behavior among a dog family, training progression and follow through. Marta mentioned the fear periods in a dog's life and the prevalence of behavior conditions connected to fear issues with dogs that seem dominant and aggressive.

Heart to Heart 4-29-14
Guest: Willa Lefever, co-owner of Sonnewald Natural Foods.
Topic: "Green is the color of life". In a tribute to Grace Lefever, recently departed founder of Sonnewald Natural Foods, Willa and I discussed the uses and benefits of some common plants, often called "weeds" in this day. And Willa shared one of Grace's Green Smoothies, chock full of nutrients for better health and healing. For more good info, pick up the DVD and Field Guide, "Walking with Grace" at Sonneward Natural Foods (4796 Lehman Road, Spring Grove, PA 17362).

Heart to Heart 4-22-14
Guest: Jean Markey, founder of Sports & Therapeutic Massage Center located within the Athletic Club of York.
Topic: East meets West with Jean. She is an expert in Massage, Tai Chi Chih, and Reiki. We talked about ways to prevent injuries and maintain our bodies with tips on stretching and body awareness. With over 20 years experience Jean is skilled at helping relieve pain, reduce stress and increase relaxation and flexibility. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She is also a Certified Tai' Chi Chih and Seijaku Instructor.

Heart to Heart 04-15-14
Guest: Larry LeBeau
Topic: Animal Communication.

Heart to Heart 04-08-14
Guest: Gail Trauco of Front Porch Therapy. Gail is an RN, Oncology Nurse, Psychic Medium, Grief Mediator, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist.
Topic: "Don't miss this show! Gail is a wealth of information. Drawing upon the Southern arts of healing and comfort, Gail infuses her therapies with a dose of down-home remedies that has helped hundreds of her patients to rebuild their lives and journey to wellness--without the use of drugs. It's all shared in her upcoming new book, Front Porch Therapies, due out early 2015. Her website includes such gems as a blog on How to Choose the Best Doctor for You. And you'll find access to a free 10-minute consultation.

Medium Monday 04-07-14
WSOX 96.1 Jacqui checks in with those on the other side, providing messages and valuable connections with family and loved ones for SOX listeners.

Heart to Heart 04-01-14
Guest: Fleur, Psychic Medium.
Topic: "A naturally gifted evidential Medium, Fleur has recently been recognized by CBS News as one of the top five Psychic Mediums in Los Angeles. Fleur shared powerful tips from her Energy Tune-up course. We learned how to energetically clear your home and office so it feels happier and more alive! When your energy is clear, you have a direct connection to your intuition!

Heart to Heart 03-25-14
Guest: Avianna Castro, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Educator and Healer.
Topic: "Think less and feel more". Such good advice! Arianna talked with us about her amazing retreats in Costa Rica and the power of meditation. In addition to all the health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and better sleep, meditation is also the key to opening the door to your intuition. Living in the past has been linked to depression; living in the future often brings anxiety; but living in the Now, in the present moment, brings choices, brings peace.

Heart to Heart 03-18-14
Guest: Lisa Larson, Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master.
Topic: Pet Loss and Bereavement. When is it the right time to choose euthanasia? Simple answers such as the 70-30 Percent Rule are so helpful. You'll know it's the right time when your animal now has only 30% good quality of life, and 70% when it is no longer good. As Lisa says, it's better to be a day too early, than a day too late. We talked about preparing for the passing of an animal "child". What you can do after your pet passes and the common questions asked most often regarding the process of mourning an animal companion.

Heart to Heart 03-11-14
Guest: Janet Hensenne-Rosiak, Certified ThetaHealingT Instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Matrix Energetics® and Angel Therapy Practitioner®.
Topic: Beliefs and patterns and how they influence our lives. Stop "shoulding" all over yourself! Change that "should" to "could" and see and feel the difference. We also talked about the 3C's: Catch, Cancel and Change it. When you catch yourself talking, or thinking, negatively, practice the 3C's!

Medium Monday 03-10-14
WSOX 96.1 Jacqui touches base with loved ones that have passed, as well as few spunky cats both here and from the other side!

Heart to Heart 03-04-14
Guest: Cathy Harner, Registered Nurse, Astrologer, Founder and Co-Creator of Voices of the Goddess.
Topic: All things Astrology...history, source of practical guidance. Cathy is so informative and always a delight. The science of Kings! Did you know that all royal courts had a court astrologer? And, that President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan also consulted an astrologer? Find out why your Birth Chart is called the "blueprint of the soul".

Heart to Heart 02-25-14
Guest: Dawn Hayman, Co-Founder and Vice President of Spring Farm C.A.R.E.S. an Animal and Nature Sanctuary, and Center of Interspecies Communication.
Topic: Dawn's untiring work on behalf of animals is inspiring! She shares with us some of the many miracles Dawn has witnessed at Spring Farm CARES. She is one of the pioneers in the field of Animal Communication. She is co-author of the Spring Farm CARES biography, "IF ONLY THEY COULD TALK: The Miracles of Spring Farm". Dawn has been a professional animal communicator, doing consultations and teaching, since 1988. She has consulted with more than 60,000 animals and brings that vast knowledge and experience with her in her teaching and writing.

Heart to Heart 02-18-14
Guest: Benjamin Gleisser & Carolyn Molnar. Between them, they are an Award-winning journalist, author, teacher, Medium, President of the Church of Universal Love, recording artist of acclaimed meditation CDs, television personality, and so much more...
Topic: Carolyn and Ben shared with us their busy teaching schedule and some tips from Carolyn's popular class, "Manifesting Your Mate". Ben reached out the listening audience to help everyone raise their vibration! "I am at Peace" was our mantra for the morning.

Heart to Heart 02-11-14
Guest: Robinette Meyer is a psychic medium and animal communicator. She is also a certified spiritual advisor for world-renown medium Lisa Williams.
Topic: Robinette shared delightful animal communication stories, including the one about her Dentist's coi fish who thought the Dentist was spitting in the water! Animals are a lot like children, per Robin. Start out with "small talk" and let them feel comfortable talking to you.

Heart to Heart 02-04-14
Guest: Cathy Harner, Registered Nurse, Astrologer, Founder and Co-Creator of Voices of the Goddess.
Topic: Cathy shared with us her "2014 Possibilities", as we talked about what's coming for 2014! Through the science of Astrology, Cathy takes a thoughtful look into the trends coming up for 2014! And she shared with us practical information that people can use to prepare. This was an extremely interesting and helpful show.

Heart to Heart 01-28-14
Guest: Candy Danzis, known as the Mainstream Mystic, Candy is an Intuitive Healer, Angel Communicator, and Psychic Medium. Candy specializes in Angel Communication and Spiritual Counseling.
Topic: 2014 possibilities from the angelic perspective! What do the Angels say this special year has in store? We will find out thanks to the lovely and amazing Candy Danzis! Candy taught us how to connect to our Guardian Angels and to invoke the "Angel of Hope" to uplift our energy and help us during challenging times.

Heart to Heart 01-14-14
Guest: Sharon Anne Klingler, one of the world's leading intuitives, an inspiring international speaker and author.
Topic: Sharon's new book, Power Words, released by Hay House, has been acclaimed as ".the most profound, transformative book ever written on the influence that.language has on our lives." And I can attest to that! I guarantee you that you will never think of words in the same way again. Words carry powerful energy and have an astonishing impact on your life. With Power Words, you can generate new actions and lightning-fast results! Learn the words that "lift" and the words that "limit". Use them to: create more influence at work, start new projects, deal with difficult people, attract relationships, and succeed in any number of goals - from losing weight to finding a job.

Heart to Heart 01-07-14
Guest: Jani Cooke, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, Tarot Card Reader and a Spiritual Medium
Topic: Spirit and Kids! Mother of three youngsters, Jani shared with us how her kids view Spirit, the questions they ask and their sense of knowing. Ever wonder what they see and hear at a young age? Ever see your kids play with orbs? It was an eye opening and fun morning!

Heart to Heart 12-31-13
Guest: Melody Bishop, Runes by Melody
Topic: 2014 Possibilities! What can we expect? What should we pay attention to in 2014. Melody is a highly accurate, intuitive reader who utilizes the ancient art of Runes for divination. She joined us with her spot-on predictions for 2014. (runesbymelody.com)

Heart to Heart 12-17-13
Guest: Lisa Atkinson; Award-Winning Author, accomplished psychic medium and Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner
Topic: Angels! Their role in the Christmas Story and ArchAngel Gabriel coming to Mary. We also shared angel stories and gave tips on how to connect with your angels.

Heart to Heart 12-03-13
Guest: Betsy Cohen, aka Psychic Betsy, Psychic Medium and Inspirational Speaker
Topic: Betsy was named one of the Top 10 Psychics in New York! And with good reason. We talk about Betsy's path from a sickly child to how she turned her life around. Thoughts on changing our conscious, and unconscious, thoughts to move our energy, and the energy around us in a new, more positive direction. And, a reminder on the importance and overall well being associated with being compassionately honest.

Heart to Heart 11-26-13
Guest: Kay Fahlstrom, Medium
Topic: Kay is always such a joy. We talked about Spirit visiting the family at the Holidays. And, how gratitude can change your life in so many little ways. Listen in for Kay's signature inspiration!

Heart to Heart 11-19-13
Guest: Mary Lee McRoberts -Intuitive, Psychic Medium and Energy Medicine Practioner
Topic: Owner of several successful international companies, Mary Lee realized the key to her success was her "sixth sense" --an intuitive ability to see, sense and feel the energy of other people and places. Mary Lee talks to us about clearing unbalanced (negative) energies out of home and businesses. She helps create the harmony and balance to best serve you and those who surround you. Tips on space changes at the holidays!

Heart to Heart 11-12-13
Guest: Dr. Christina Chambreau, Internationally renowned Holistic Veterinarian, Author
Topic: Feeding your beloved pets a healthy diet is easier than you think! Simple steps you can do yourself to heal your pet from your own kitchen! What to look for and avoid in selecting food and supplements.

Heart to Heart 11-05-13
Guest: Bruce Orion, Historian, Astrologer, Hypnotherapist, and Speaker
Topic: Bruce has appeared on the Discovery Channel as well as radio and talk shows. He has been a frequent speaker at the United Nations on Parapsychology. Topics included the subconscious mind, inadvertent impacts on children's minds, and how things pass from one generation to another.

Medium Monday 11-04-13
WSOX 96.1 Jacqui provides some psychic insights to present day life along with important messages from the other side.

Heart to Heart 10-29-13
Guest: Kelly Maddox, Founder of "Kacey's Kids--Canines and Kids Connect for Reading"
Topic: don't know who's sweeter...Kelly or Sam, the reading therapy dog! Kelly Maddox puts smiles on lots of face when she arrives with her therapy dogs for a reading lesson! She founded and developed the instructional reading program at Leg Up Farm. The program known as Kacey's Kids--Canines and Kids Connect for Reading was named after Kelly's first therapy dog, Kacey. We had a fun morning with Kelly; one of her top students, Nate Campezi; and Amy, Nate's mom. The only one missing was Sam, the dog!!

Heart to Heart 10-22-13
Guest: Lisa Atkinson, Psychic Medium, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner
Topic: Lisa always brightens the day! What fun we had talking about reincarnation and the Akashic Records. Those are the records of your past lives and the lessons you learned in that lifetime. It's more than just fascinating. How you can use that information in this lifetime is the key.

Heart to Heart 10-15-13
Guest: Lori Shen, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Psychic Medium
Topic: Lori is so warm and inviting the hour just flew by. As she does in her signature workshop, Lessons from the Spirit World, we talked about what our loved ones experience as they are dying and on the other side. We learned their perspective on traumatic accidents, coma's and dementia. It's usually not what we thought.

Heart to Heart 10-08-13
Guest: Melody Bishop of Runes by Melody
Topic: Melody is a highly accurate, intuitive reader who utilizes the ancient art of Runes for divination. Used as early as the 3rd century, Runes spread throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Once used by the Vikings and cultures of old, they are gaining popularity again since being seen in the Lord of the Rings movies. (runesbymelody.com)

Medium Monday 10-07-13
WSOX 96.1 listeners have Jacqui talk to thier pets, both in the present and from the other side!

Heart to Heart 10-01-13
Guest: Carole Grace, HTCP, HTAP. Psychic Medium and Healing Touch Practitioner for People and Pet
Topic: Carole has appeared on tv as well as radio shows, and hosted a show on CBS radio called Soul Sisters! Carole has always loved helping people, mediumship is one of the ways she is able to do it. Healing Touch is another way. She is a certified Healing Touch Practitioner, helping people and their pets.

Heart to Heart 09-24-13
Guest: George Koury, Psychic Medium and Angel Messenger
Topic: George is respected for his ability to communicate with departed loved ones and Angels with accuracy, compassion and a great sense of humor. Born into a long lineage of Mediums, he has displayed natural abilities since childhood.. He teaches and conducts Message Circles at several Spiritual centers, and is a guest Medium at Lily Dale.

Heart to Heart 09-17-13
Guest: Louie Castriota, Leg Up Farm
Topic: Louie Castriota is an "earth angel". He and his wife, Laurie have created one of the most innovative and sought after pediatric therapy centers in the country. Their vision merges their love of children and animals through a therapeutic riding center for children with special needs, Paws for Reading, Therapy Gardens, and a Circle of Care that improve outcomes for children and their entire family.

Heart to Heart 09-10-13
Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Carney, Peaceful Pet Passage
Topic: Dr. Carney's career in veterinary medicine has led her to a place of helping people when it is time for their beloved pets to leave this world. Her focus is making this difficult and sad time as peaceful as possible for both the animal and people involved.

Medium Monday 09-09-13
Jacqui's at it again! Another set of free on-air readings for listeners who call in to WSOX 96.1

Heart to Heart 09-03-13
Guest: Benjamin Gleisser & Carolyn Molnar
Topic: The incredible husband and wife medium team Benjamin Gleisser and Carolyn Molnar join me for a Medium Extravaganza! Between them, they are an Award-winning journalist, author, teacher, Medium, President of the Church of Universal Love, recording artist of acclaimed meditation CDs, television personality, and so much more...

Heart to Heart 08-27-13
Guest: Dr. Maria Broderick, Founder and Director of Reservoir Family Wellness LLC
Topic: Qigong Massage for children with autism. A technique gaining widespread practice due to it's success. Serving families with an integrative approach to wellness; utilizing acupuncture, qigong, and herbal medicine.

Heart to Heart 08-13-13
Guest: Randy Grove, President of the York Area Pet Bird Club
Topic: The joys of having an exotic bird as your pet. Find out why 6.4 million American families own birds as pets.

Heart to Heart 08-06-13
Guest: Cindy Plume, Radio Show Host and Spiritual Coach
Topic: Pulling ourselves into the good we aren't recognizing. Cindy has been a "spiritual coach" for many years helping people who are struggling to look inside and find their own place of peace, inner harmony and healing.

Medium Monday 08-05-13
Jacqui does free on-air readings for listeners who call in.

Heart to Heart 07-30-13
Guest: Amy Tirion, Founder of Delight for the Soul
Topic: Caring for the human spirit. Amy is one of 16 women profiled nationally in a documentary series produced by Elizabeth Arden. Her new book, Knowing Beautiful, has been described as "A New Bedtime Story for Women".

Heart to Heart 07-23-13
Guest: Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton, Psychic Medium
Topic: The difference between being psychic and being a medium. Lynn also discusses her upcoming book that explains how we all receive messages from our loved ones who have passed.

Heart to Heart 07-16-13
Guest: Kay Fahlstrom, Psychic Medium
Topic: Kay discusses her near-death experience and gives tips for house clearing.

Heart to Heart 07-09-13
Guest: Michele Livingston, Psychic Medium
Topic: The 10 different ways the spirit realm communicates with us.

Heart to Heart 06-25-13
Guest: Rev. Francine Milano, Ordained Minister and Psychic Medium
Topic: The Other Side of Gettysburg: A Ghosts 101 Handbook, paranormal activity in Gettysburg.

Heart to Heart 06-18-13
Guest: Christina Nelson, the "Comedium" Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator
Topic: Spirit and Humor

Heart to Heart 06-11-13
Guest: Dr. Debra Vradenburg, PhD, Research Psychologist and Professor at Millersville University, President and Founder of Pet Guardians
Topic: Planning for your Pet (in the event of debilitating illness or advanced age)

Pullo Center 06-06-13
Jacqui takes her amazing talent to the big time.

Heart to Heart 06-04-13
Guest: Leanne Thomas, Psychic Medium, Angel Reader
Topic: Guardian Angels, Archangels. Techniques to connect to your own angels.

Medium Monday 06-03-13
Jacqui helps folks that call in!

Heart to Heart 05-28-13
Guest: Shelly R. Wilson, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher
Topic: Synchronicity

Heart to Heart 05-21-13
Guest: Rev. Lisa Bousson, Psychic Medium, Author and Teacher
Topic: Act of Crossing Over: What the recently deceased experience.

Heart to Heart 05-14-13
Guest: Rose Hayes, York Daily Record Pet Blog
Topic: Pet Happenings in the Area, Spay and Neuter Clinics.

Heart to Heart - 04-30-13
Guest: Dr. Christina Chambreau, DVM, Certified Veterinay Homeopath
Topic: Practical Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Solutions.

Heart to Heart - 04-23-13
Jacqui discusses horse topics.

Heart to Heart - 04-16-13
Jacqui shares Animal Communicatiohn stories including Emmitt the bird who told his parents
"he was a she!"

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