Jacqui and Lisa Williams, International Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker and Teacher

As a graduate of her Advanced Mediumship Course, Lisa Williams invited me to join an elite group of Certified Spiritual Advisors.

Over the years, I have studied with many other well known mediums, healers and intuitives including: John Holland, Collette Baron-Reid, Sonia Choquette, Denise Linn, Sharon A. Klinger, Sandra Anne Taylor.

About Readings

Spirit is as anxious to talk to us as we are to talk to them. As a Psychic Medium, I help you make that connection to your loved ones on the other side, as well as your spirit guides and angels. They use me to receive and share their messages; sort of like a radio transmitter, or a translator. Spirit "talks" in words, pictures, symbols, smells and feels.

The energy my client brings to the reading plays a huge role. Loving thoughts of loved ones draw those spirits close to communicate messages. During a reading, you may connect with one spirit, or you may hear from several friends and family members.

Spirit knows what you most need to hear at this time in your life. And, they will make sure those messages gets conveyed so that you understand. There is no guarantee you'll hear from a particular person, but I can guarantee you'll get what is most important to your soul and your journey in this lifetime.

To get the best experience, spend a little time before your reading thinking about the people you would like to connect with. This helps the connection and also brings to mind questions you may like to ask.

Jacqui may give you pieces of information that you cannot relate to immediately during the reading. This is very normal and you will find that when you ask friends and family about this information they will be able to validate it for you.

Information may come up to guide and help you with current and future issues such as family and friends, love relationships, career, finance and health. If you have questions about specific areas of concern, feel free to write them down beforehand. You will find that many, if not all, of the questions will be answered during the reading.

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