"Jacqui, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how important your work has been to me. As you know, the love of my life has been in a fragile condition for the past 6 years with severe back problems. When I first used your services Jake was in some pain. You helped me to identify the issue and we immediately made an adjustment to his cart to relieve the problem. From that point on I was a true believer. Recently, Jake had a more severe spinal episode and your work helped me to make a life changing decision. My heart was broken but I knew he deserved to be released from pain. We did what he asked and gave him the way home. The CD of our conversation is a great source of comfort for me. Because of your in-the-moment thinking of questions you asked Jake, I listen to him every day. My heart is still broken, but because of you I can cope. People who understand that animals communicate to only those who can find calm and presence in listening to them will benefit from your service.

Thank you for making a very difficult situation more tolerable. Jake was a special dog with an amazing spirit that you helped me to understand. I know we will be together again. Thank you."
~ Janial P.

"In the short time since making Jacqui LeBeau's acquaintance, she has become a beloved friend to our family . most importantly to our Flamepoint Siamese, Sprout. Even from our first conversation, it was evident that Jacqui is a sensitive, nurturing and genuine person. She was immensely attentive to our concerns regarding Sprout's health and a few behaviors. In her conversations with Sprout, Jacqui was able to alert us to an overwhelming feeling of "electricity" causing some discomfort to him. Jacqui went the extra step in recommending some holistic approaches and resources to consult in providing a more calming atmosphere for Sprout. To our astonishment, Sprout was just diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The moment I received the diagnosis, I thought of Jacqui's feedback and understood the "electricity" reference . it was Sprout's heart! Jacqui's conversations with Sprout made sense to us and clearly have been of value to our home life. I'm not sure who has benefited more from her insightful service . Sprout or myself! She is a blessing and I would not hesitate to recommend her services."
~ Michele B.

Testimonial to come

Emmett is a Moluccan cockatoo and has been an integral part of my life since he was weaned at about four months. Emmett started picking his feathers at about 2 years old, close to the time that we got a "brother" for Emmett. As the only sure way to know the sex of a cockatoo is by DNA sexing, we followed the common thinking that because both of our birds talked so well, that we had two males. We consulted with Jacqui, early in her training, and what a blessing she proved to be. "Pet parents" agonize over what we have done that has caused our pet to act out. Jacqui told us that Emmett was very happy with his home and his new brother Trés; however, he did not like the smell of the cleaner we used on his cage and most importantly, he wondered why we did not get him a favorite toy, which he described in great detail and that I recognized easily. One thing was not real clear at the onset - he said that we thought we lived with a boy, but we actually lived with a girl. My first inclination was that his "brother" was actually a girl. Later after having the birds sex determined, we were very surprised to find that Emmett was actually telling us that "he" was the girl. Jacqui's intuition in every instance was spot on - Emmett is no longer a feather picker. What a real blessing. Anyone with knowledge of feather pickers knows the difficulty of stopping this incessant habit. Jacqui was truly a blessing in our lives, and it is so wonderful to know that your pet is happy with his family and surroundings. Thank you again, Jacqui.
~ Joy S.

"It was a wonderful experience; I have never felt so in touch with Brady. His personality was exactly what I expected, so sweet and genuine and Jacqui was right on. I understand him so much better now and we enjoy our runs together after he suggested it!"
~Stacy B.

"I was happily surprised with how much insight Jacqui provided into Ruby's personality. She truly helped me to better understand Ruby, and provided invaluable advice to address some of Ruby's issues. I happy to say I'm making great progress with Ruby thanks to Jacqui's insight and advice."
~Erin B.

"Dear Jacqui - Thank you so much for your help with our little Oscar. We brought him home on Saturday, and he is progressing a little everyday. He seems to be content and happy, and I'm sure you helped a lot with that. Thanks again."
~Joy A

Testimonial to come