A warm smile and a joyful personality helps me instantly put clients at ease. You'll feel like you are talking to an old friend. My grounded, real-world approach to spirituality helps me communicate messages from your loved ones in spirit accurately and powerfully; giving insightful information that is often life changing for my clients.

I am proud to have been trained, certified and hand-picked by Lisa Williams to be one of her Certified Spiritual Advisors. In fact I was one of the original group of Mediums that Lisa Certified. I have been working as a Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator for many years, bridging the gap to bring loved ones (human, spirit and animal) together for messages, better understanding and healing.

As an evidential medium the messages I convey are provable, authentic and delivered in a loving and caring way. My readings always highlight the positive and will help you let go of what no longer serves you. Fascinating insights and messages delivered from departed family and friends, spirit guides and the angels will help you make decisions, move forward, find your path, and heal old wounds.

My goal as a Psychic Medium is to bring you peace and clarity, whether you are connecting with loved ones on the other side, or seeking guidance about a current life issue. During a spiritual reading information may come up about relationships, friends and family, career and health.

I am available for Private Readings which includes In-Person, Phone and Email Readings, as well as for Group Readings and special events. Click here to contact me.