Animal Communication can be helpful for many common problems and is guaranteed to improve and deepen your relationships with your pets. Here are some applications:

  • Enhancing the relationship between you and your animal companion - find out what your animal wants and needs; improve relationships. What makes him happy? Does he like his routine? Would he enjoy a new activity, toy, or food? Does he like his groomer? Would he like to have another animal friend in the family? Many times the quality of your relationship with your pet can be greatly enhanced when his wants and needs are known.

  • Addressing behavior issues - biting, barking, fear, aggression, jealousy, separation anxiety, unwanted behaviors. In most instances, simply knowing what the problem is from the pet's viewpoint can help resolve the issue and bring about a solution that is satisfying to both the pet and the owner.

  • Improving your training results - Improve your pet's understanding of the behavior you want. Address your pet's concerns. Clear up misunderstandings.

  • Checking in with your pets while you are traveling

  • Get assistance in managing health concerns affecting your animal - What is bothering her? How does she feel? Is the current course of medical treatment helping her condition? What sort of treatment does your pet feel would be beneficial?

  • DISCLAIMER: A consultation is not a substitute for medical attention from a qualified veterinarian. I do not diagnose illnesses, nor do I prescribe treatment. My purpose is to obtain information from your pet that may be helpful to you and your veterinarian.

  • Working through death and dying issues. Is it time for my pet to leave? Is he ready? How can I help him through the transition? Information from your pet helps you make a decision that is in his best interests, and brings you comfort at this most difficult time. Gain real peace with end of life decisions.

  • Get help introducing animals to each other and adopting animals - find out about a rescued animal's past

  • Helping a rescued animal adjust to a new home. I can inform a new owner of what an animal needs to resolve issues from his former environment. These issues might include abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

  • Exploring how changes in your life will affect your pet - These changes might include an impending move, a new baby, a new animal in the family, or any other changes in the daily routine.

  • Communicating with animals in spirit - Even though a beloved pet has died, it is still possible to contact her. Although she is not in physical form, the connection of love you have with her is always present because it transcends time and space. Sometimes pets die suddenly, and an owner might have unresolved questions or concerns she was never able to ask before the untimely death of her pet. Many people find it comforting to know why their pet was in their lives and what lessons the pet helped them learn while they were together.

  • Finding a lost pet - Working with lost animals is especially challenging. The heightened emotions of both you and your pet can make it extremely difficult to make a connection. I will do everything I can to help and support you in your efforts to find your pet. However, I cannot guarantee that your animal companion will be found. I usually can descibe an area with landmarks or other details that may be helpful to you as you search for your lost pet, but it is impossible to give an exact address where your pet can be found.

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