Animals have a lot to tell us. They're communicating with us all the time.we just miss most of it. But, in reality you probably do get more than you think. It may seem like it is strictly behavior based, as in: "she has to go out, or she's ready for bed, or he doesn't like that guy". But, where do you think that thought came from? You're probably reading the messages your animal is sending you telepathically. It's not just your's real.

When you look into those eyes, don't you sometimes feel as though you know exactly what your pet is thinking? Communicating intuitively with animals means mentally sending and receiving thoughts, images, and emotions. It's talking in pictures. They "see" what we are thinking. It's telepathy. That's how our animals read us.and that's also how you can read them.

Not only our hearts, but more importantly, our minds must be still. Shutting down our litany of thoughts is a key factor in unlocking telephathic communicatin. Animal communication is not a magical ability. With a little study and practice, anyone can learn to do it. It's as simple as quieting your mind, centering yourself and listening with your heart.